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Brampton Monuments
Headstones, Grave Markers, Urns Supplier in Toronto, Ontario

Brampton Monument Works was established in the early 1893 and thus we possess over 125 years of experience in Cemetery Monuments Retail Business. We are located at 375 Main Street North in Downtown Brampton, Ontario. We cover entire Ontario province and especially serve the city of Brampton and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We here at Brampton Monuments realize that “Life is a Work in Progress”. Each day we dream DREAMS, we STRIVE, we BUILD, we WIN, we LOSE, we LOVE, we CELEBRATE and yes we GRIEVE. We leave behind our accomplishments, wealth, legacy, family, friends and of course – MEMORIES! Memories preserved in Granite Memorials is a special art of expressing the spirit of life for future generations to come. We at Brampton Monuments take pride in our service in order to help, serve and assist you through your difficult times.

Why Choose Us?

What makes Brampton Monuments your first choice for purchasing monuments?

Affordable Price

Our competitive and affordable pricing will help you in considerably reducing the funeral cost. Moreover, we do offer further discounts on selected sizes and colors of monuments.

Unmatched Service

Our key focus is to provide unmatched quality service to our customers with complete individual attention and prompt delivery. We are also available after our usual office hours.

125+ Years of Experience

We are one of the oldest suppliers of monuments and our experience and expertise will ensure 100% satisfaction as our finest end product will surely meet your expectation.

Fully Customized Designs

We offer a wide variety of monuments related services and are highly specialized in custom monument designs in order to cater the tastes & preferences of our clients.

Our Clients Love Us

Our satisfied customers keep coming back to us and also recommend our services to others via word of mouth or by looking at completed work at the cemeteries.

Flexible Payment

Our flexible payment plans makes us an ideal go to option during your difficult times. Selected customers are even offered monthly payment option (if needed).

Highlights of Brampton Monuments
(Leading Cemetery Memorials Supplier)

Granite Colors For Monuments

We do offer a number of Granite Color Choices for your Monuments

Monuments Pricing

How much does a monument cost at Brampton Monuments? Do you offer any easy monthly payment plans?