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About Us

Welcome to Brampton Monuments

Brampton Monument Works has over 125 years in Cemetery monuments business (Established in early 1893) and is located in the city of Brampton, Ontario. We serve the city of Brampton, and the surrounding cities of Greater Toronto Area. We at Brampton Monument Works realize that life is a “work in progress”. Each day we dream, we strive, we build, we win, we lose, we love, we celebrate and yes we grieve. We leave behind our accomplishments, wealth, a legacy, family, friends and of course, memories. Memories preserved in Granite Monuments are an art of expressing the spirit of life for future generations to come. We at Brampton Monuments Work take pride in our service to help, serve and assist you through your difficult times.


Our Stockyard in Ontario

Brampton Monument Works always keeps a large inventory of monuments, markers, sculptures, vases and lanterns. Customers usually don’t like waiting for months just to install a standard monument. We understand the concerns of our clients which is why we include a large inventory in our stock yard for quick installation of monuments and prompt delivery. Also, our prices are very competitive as we are the manufacturers and the importers (thus, eliminating the cost of the middlemen). We have enough stock in hand to arrange for a quick monument installation so that our customers do not have to wait for long.

Our Factory & Showrooms

Kindly visit our showrooms located at Brampton and Mississauga (based on your convenience). You can call the number mentioned on our website to book an appointment with our sales team. Let us help you out to make the best decision for your loved one. We give complete individual attention and provide prompt order delivery by meeting the deadlines. We will make your monuments buying process hassle-free as we deal with all the cemeteries in Ontario and also the neighboring provinces in Canada.